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A Form of Art

More Than Just Footwear!

Sneakers have always been more than just a piece of clothing, it reflects your persona. With the advent of the internet, we reached a whole other dimension in the world of Sneaker Enthusiasts.

From designing the silhouette to choosing the colorways , designing a sneaker is no less than creating a masterpiece on a white canvas , Contributions from designers like Tinker Hatfield , Ari Saal Forman to Virgil Abloh have proven how much creativity can be applied onto a pair of sneakers.

Sneakers are not just footwears they are history, culture and most importantly an emotion for us, And we welcome you to the biggest sneakerhead fam on the internet.


SneakerMonk is a Blog dedicated to all the Sneaker Enthusiasts out there!

We at Sneakermonk are always trying to bring the latest sneaker news and leaks to you, Not only that we are constantly trying to help you out to step up your sneaker game. Collectors could now connect with each other, Rumors about limited releases and special Collabs, Opinions about favorite shoes could be shouted (and shouted down) across time zones and continents. Here at SneakerMonk we also guide you to step up your reselling game with our Resell Predictions.

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