A must-have Sneaker for every Jordan collector – Air Jordan 1 Trophy Rooms are simply Fire

The Air Jordan 1 Trophy rooms are must-have sneakers for every Jordan collector out there. Not only the sneakers are a collab between the father Michael Jordan and the son Marcus Jordan it is rich in history from the 1985 NBA all-star game which is also known as the “freeze-out game”.

Price & Release Date:

These upcoming Jordan 1s are expected to be released this February 10 , 2021 and the set retail price is going to be 170$

Air Jordan 1 x Trophy Room official Image

Not only the Sneaker has Michael Jordan’s signature on it, but it is also extremely limited to only 10,000 pairs worldwide, every pair is also going to have the number stitched into the tongue of the shoe.

History Behind the Shoes:

As a rookie MJ had to face a lot of heat on the court during the 1985 all-star game, where NBA legends like Julius Erving and Larry Bird refused to pass the ball to Mike. In the entire game, Michael Jordan had scored only 7 points. The Air Jordan 1 x Trophy rooms are featuring almost the same OG Chicago Bred colorway and an ICY outsole with the stars representing the All-star game.

Icy outsoles of Air Jordan 1 Trophy room
A pair of Air Jordan 1 Trophy room.

The Sneaker has many Easter Eggs in the design too, for example, the toe box has a feeling of frozen ice on top of it. Also inside the shoe the stitching of “Rumor has it…” makes it one of the most unique and sought after Jordan 1 release of 2021.

Inside of Air Jordan 1 x Trophy room

Resell Prediction:

With the signature of MJ and the limited availability of the sneaker, it is very clear that it will have extremely high resell value. Our prediction for Resell would be 1800$ or above.

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