Air Jordan 1 Dior is coming back in Chicago colorway

There is no doubt that Air Jordan 1 Dior was the most hyped Collab of 2020. A collaboration like no other before it, it completely destroyed the boundary between high fashion and streetwear, resulting in an insanely clean collaboration. Even though the shoes had a retail of 2000$ they sold out instantly and currently reselling for over 5000$.

This year Air Jordan 1 x Dior Chicago sample images leaked out creating massive hype around it, and also many people assumed those sample images to be faked (image below).

Air Dior Chicago 2021

Recently Jaysse Lopez, owner of Urban Necessities and Youtuber also confirmed the leak during a Youtube video where he was showing his current sneaker collection.

Jaysse aka. Two Js Kicks also seems to have insight about more upcoming Dior x Air Jordan 1 colorways.

URL to the video is HERE, Watch the video from runtime 21 minutes onwards.

Also one of our source who wanted to remain anonymous ( so that he can share more leaks without any trouble 😛 )have also confirmed that the production for the upcoming Dior x Air jordan 1 Chicago is already underway.

Retail for these kicks are expected to be same as the previous release of 2000$ and also the availability and distribution will be handled by Dior only.

Do let us know in the comments below about your thoughts on these upcoming Jordan 1 Dior.

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