Everything you need to know about SNeaker Bots – Best Sneaker Bots in 2021

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As of 2020, the global and US sneaker reselling market was worth $6 billion and $2 billion respectively. Once sneaker reselling was a very highly skilled profession and required in-depth knowledge about the whole game. Today, with a plethora of marketplace apps and the beauty of instant selling, literally anyone with a fair bit of surplus cash can make profits in the range of five grand a pair. We now have sneaker bots too, the automated servants who obey and follow your commands, with a higher chance of making you rich than if you do it the old way.

What are Sneaker Bots?

Sneaker botting

Sneaker bots are automated pieces of software (or better to say codes as many of them come in form of simple browser extensions) that basically add newly launched sneakers to the cart and repeatedly press the “buy” button.

Early sneaker bots were easy to detect and soon blocked by the seller websites. With the passage of time however, they grew up to be more resilient than ever and today almost all the clicks that led to successful purchases are initiated by them.

Why Use Sneaker Bots?

The whole sneaker reselling industry is dependent on grabbing kicks listed by the sellers and then waiting to sell them at a price much higher than their list prices. It’s easy to ask for a higher price because the kicks are not available anywhere online except for those resellers. Sneaker manufacturers open the sale for a very limited time and those resellers just have to buy them within the time frame. So time is of paramount importance in this sector.

Sneaker bots do everything that you need to do as a reseller and have a much higher chance of securing a kick as they act as real customers but are much more efficient in the buying process, sometimes ignoring even website issues and server downtime. They can act simultaneously on multiple websites too. Needless to say, as a reseller, sneaker bots are an indispensable tool in the arsenal, at least in the present.

How Do Sneaker Bots Work?

Shoe retailers use their own bots to check if their buying process is working as it should be. They release their own bots on their own websites that can add a kick to the cart, fill in the account details and then checks out, just as a real human customer would do. This is done to ensure that the customers have a smooth shopping experience without facing any glitches when they try to nick the kicks during the drops.

But it also leaves a backdoor on their sites and sneaker bots exploit this vulnerability to pose as real customers themselves and flood their sites with buying attempts. Obviously a lot of them succeeds because they don’t do mistakes like humans do while filling out the form, entering captcha details etc. When the Air Jordan Doernbecher 9 was released by Nike via twitter in 2012, ( sneaker bots sent hundreds of DMs within just a fraction of a second. (In fact this was the very beginning of how these bots started.) How can a human compete against such a fierce opponent?

As of now, almost 100% of the traffic to the shoe retailers come from sneaker bots during the drops. You can only take part in the wave by using the bots yourself.

Sneaker Bots: A Thin Grey Line?

Sneaker bots pose a serious problem to shoe retailers. They not only hamper their credibility and trust with real human customers but also sometimes crash their websites or apps. StrangeLove Skateboards had to cancel their Valentine’s Day Nike SB Dunk Low collaboration because of sneaker bots in Feb 2020. (Article) Because of this, shoe sellers and manufacturers have come up with a lot of ways to combat sneaker bots.

Brian Donnelly of KAWS cancelled all the bookings made by sneaker bots in Sep, 2019. (Instagram) Steve Berra and Eric Koston of The Berrics duped a bot user into buying a Purple Lobster Dunk OG for a whopping ten grands. (Instagram) Almost all the major players in the business are starting a lottery system to sell their kicks in order to bypass the sneaker bots.

While using bots to purchase tickets online was banned in the US Bots Act, 2016, sneakers are still outside the scope of it. As a result, using sneaker bots is not illegal as of now. So you shouldn’t feel afraid in any way to use them yourself.

Best Sneaker Bots in 2021

It’s very hard to choose the best sneaker bots as your choice will vary depending on what features you want, and boy, they provide a lot of them to choose from! We, at SneakerMonk, have compiled a list for easy reference.

Cybersole (https://cybersole.io/)

  • Cybersole comes with CyberAIO, (AIO stands for All-In-One) one of the most in-demand bots claiming to be the fastest in the market, supporting over 170 retailers covering Shopify, Supreme, Foot sites and Mesh.
  • The bot gives you an unlimited number of tasks, a multi-tab and multi-window captcha solver and even a restock mode where you can tell the bot to automatically wait for the restocks if you miss the drop. Moreover, they support all countries supported by Shopify.
  • The initial price is over $400 with six months of free updates. After that, you have to pay for updates every six months for a little over $100.

NSB (https://www.nikeshoebot.com/product/nike-shoe-sneaker-bot/)

  • NSB or Nike Shoe Bot is another major AIO bot that just blows your mind by the loads of features it provides. From multi-captcha option to smart login to Shopify sites, from high-end technology for faster checkout to a multi-platform simple interface for both Mac and Windows, from a powerful task manager to its Cyborg3.0 method for bypassing bot detection – you can’t really ask for anything more. Don’t forget that they were the very first to introduce the concept of in-bot-monitor and the idea of hooking tasks to the monitor based on user-input keywords.
  • Specialist with any kind of Shopify sites and more specifically with copping those Yeezys, NSB also supports Footsites, Supreme and Demandware. Currently their list of supported sites is over a hundred.
  • They were among the very first sneaker bots in the market and so NSB comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $499 a year. But NSB is one of the most consistent bots in regular copping of the kicks. So you must consider it with its capability to generate greater profits for you than any other alternatives.

AIO Bot (https://www.aiobot.com/)

  • Ease of use, proven success record of being able to cop over 300,000 kicks since 2014 and support for 200+ sites including Adidas, Footsites and YeezySupply simply makes this sneaker bot one of the very best available in the market. When buying sneaker bots, their availability can be an issue but not with AIO. It has been around since 2014 and has evolved to become the unbeatable beast in copping those coveted kicks for you.
  • AIO Bot lets you create unlimited profiles so that you can skip the “1 per customer limit” on retailer websites. Also it has a very thoughtful yet easy to use task manager from where you can select exactly which kicks to go after in which sites.
  • The initial price of AIO Bot is $325. You have to pay $69 renewal fees every six months to receive their updates.

Kodai Sneaker Bot (https://kodai.io/)

  • You may or may not have heard about it but Kodai Sneaker Bot is one of the cheapest still most efficient of the sneaker bots. It’s also an AIO bot that supports Shopify, YeezySupply, Adidas, Supreme and most importantly both EU and US Footsites where most of the drops happen. Moreover it has an online dashboard where you can view the calendar for upcoming drops, detailed analytics and setup guides for each cop.
  • A clean and robust user interface, ability to work cross-platform to support all Macs and Windows machines and a proven success record of over 200,000 user checkouts surely make Kodai Sneaker Bot as one of the fiercest sneaker bots in the market.
  • The best thing about it is the price. You can pay just $175 for the first two months and then $60 per month if you decide to continue using it. What it provides is the perfect opportunity to grab some kicks for the beginner reseller all the while making him more educated in the process. We would strongly suggest starting with this one to know how the sneaker bots work and make some initial profits. Then you can either stay with it or go with some of the other bots discussed in here.


  • TSB is a new sneaker bot dedicated to cop only the Nike drops, launched as recently as 2019. Still the hype around the bot is hard to miss. It’s because of many innovative features such as an ability to add profile pics to your Nike accounts to disguise itself as a real human account or an extremely efficient cookie generator or a calendar listing all future Nike drops. Their recent successes with Nike SNKRS to cop Jordan 1 Mochas, AJ5 Off While Sails and Nike Dunks quickly brought them into the attention of the sneakerheads community and we believe for a pretty good reason too.
  • Remember that TSB is only a Nike bot at the moment though the buzz has it that they’re soon going to support more sites. Supporting more than 45 Nike regions with a 96% success rate on Nike SNKRS is no joke, considering how hard it is to cop the Nike drops. We will watch TSB very closely in the coming future but it’ll be pretty safe to say that it is the current leader of Nike bots.
  • The price of TSB is shown on their website as $999 per year but the actual retail / restock price is only $299. If you want those Jordans and Dunks in your collection, TSB is your best bet for sure.

What Now?

Sneaker bots are probably here to stay for the simple reason that when there is demand, there is money and workarounds. It’s hard for the shoe retailers to keep up with changing things on their websites as they cost ridiculous amounts and hard work. Sneaker bots are coming up with newer and cleverer tricks to beat the retailers. And most importantly, for you who want to earn a profit by copping the drops, investing in a good and suitable sneaker bot is almost a necessity now.

As a last word of caution, we’d like to remind you that it’s so very important for you to not only buy the bot but also to follow the developer on his twitter, Instagram or other social media accounts. That’s the only way you’ll know of the future updates and restocks for your bot. Staying informed is the only option if you want to become a successful reseller.

That’s it from us today. Happy copping!

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