Everything you need to know about Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.5

This year contemporary artist Tom Sachs is set to release one of the most coveted sneakers of all time the Nikecraft Mars Yard. Sachs had built numerous space-related sculptures throughout his career, His obsession with space, and specifically the Apollo program of the 60s and 70s, culminating with his Space Program in 2007. In May 2012, Sachs opened the Space Program 2.0: MARS exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in New York.

As per Tom Sachs “The rocket scientist uniform of today is faded jeans, a golf shirt, and sneakers. These shoes are built to support the bodies of the strongest minds in the aerospace industry.”

Nikecraft Mars Yard value

After the massive success of its predecessors, Nikecrat is set to release its next version of the sneaker called the Nikecraft Mars Yard 2.5 in 2021. Currently, the wear-testing for the shoes is underway to very limited athletes. The Mars Yard 2.5 Wear Test is part of Sachs and Nike’s collaborative NIKE CRAFT initiative, which focuses on the examination of products. To help improve the design, the NIKE CRAFT community has been asked to put the Mars Yard 2.5 through the wringer by recording personal experiences with the shoe and providing feedback.

Those interested in wear testing the Mars Yard 2.5 were originally instructed to submit an application in the form of a one-minute video uploaded to Instagram, explaining why they wanted to participate. After testing, the shoes are to be returned so they can be sanitized, studied, repaired, and reissued.

Why are the Nikecraft Mars Yard shoes so expensive?

Even though the designer Tom Sachs wanted his sneakers to be worn by the athletes and strongest minds, that’s generally not the case after the release. Nike and artist Tom Sachs partnered to release the NikeCraft Mars Yard, a shoe inspired by Sachs’ interactions with NASA’s highly specialized scientists and designed as high-performance equipment for the building of his SPACE PROGRAM 2.0: Mars exhibition.

Designed with the idea of walking on the surface of space the shoe actually ended up in the shelves of the sneaker collectors as the release quantity is extremely limited to only 8000 pairs. Due to which the resell value of earlier Mars yard shoes is now skyrocketing currently valuing more than 10,000$.

The shoes are meant to be abused with regular intensive wears hence the colorway and the material choice is extremely different from any other lifestyle of sports sneakers which makes the Mars Yard’s a grail for many collectors.

Do you think Nike should release the sneakers in larger quantities to actually serve the purpose of its shoe ? let us know in the comments below!

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