How to store sneakers properly – Complete guide to preserve your deadstock sneakers

Sneaker collection is one of the most popular collection hobby on the planet. A person involved in sneaker collecting is known as a sneakerhead, and one of the most common challenge in this hobby is to store/preserve your “deadstock” sneakers for a very long time. “Deadstock” is a pair of sneakers which has never been worn, often times these Deadstock sneakers are easy to resell or trade.
Preserving a piece of art for more than a decade is extremely hard as the glue used in the sneakers usually gets dry and when you try to wear them after a very long time they tend to fall apart. However preserving a non deadstock sneaker is relatively easy, under minimal usage it has been observed sneakers tend to stay in better condition for a longer period of time. 
We will cover all the do’s and don’ts of storing a deadstock sneakers in this article so that you guys have a better understanding on how to keep your sneakers in good condition and also deadstock for a long time (more than a decade).

We often see many people are storing their snekers in airtight bags and vaccum bags to try to keep the sneakers deadstock for a long time but that doesn’t goes to well in long run. Even though these bags are great for keeping the sneakers out of dust but they can’t preserve the integrity of the sneaker in the long run either and the sneaker will most certainly fall apart once you put them on your feet. These bags are generally made of PA/PE and the sneakers will literally suffocate inside them as the whole concept is to keep the sneakers without any air but that works against the concept of sneaker preservation as the glue and the leather deforms without air. Once you will take the shoes out of those bags after a long time you will start to notice that the paint is starting to chip out and/or the sole is seperated quickly as the glue is dry.
It is very important that your sneakers get oxygen supply but at the same time they don’t receive too much dust inside the container. One of the best way to save your deadstock sneakers is to keep them in the original shoe box provided by the brand. If you are storing your sneakers in the  shoe boxes generally after a decade the box will start to fall apart but the shoes inside them will still be in better condition if there is no dust in the storage place. The reason behind storing the shoes in a breathable box is to keep the leather and the glue intact and to stop the deformation. If you don’t want to keep them in the original box you can choose to keep the shoes in these type of boxes as well which is shown below

While storing deadstock sneakers we have seen bacterial infections around the sneaker that destroys the paint job around the sneaker completely which ruins the entire colourway and making your favourite sneakers completely trash. In order to resolve this issue you can keep 2-3 pieces of napthalene balls inside your shoe box. Napthalene balls are easily available and you can purchase them online without any problems at all.

Last most important point to preserve your sneakers is to keep them away from heat and the best way to do that is to store the sneakers in an air conditioned room where the room temperature is below or around 29 degree Celsius. Always ensure that there is no direct sunlight inside the room and where your sneakers are kept.
Do let us know if this article was helpful to store your favourite sneakers , also if you believe we have missed out any other hacks to store sneakers let us know in the comments below

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