Leak: Netflix Sneakerheads season 2 is coming soon

On September 25th, 2020 Netflix released Sneakerheads season 1 a series catered towards an audience of ever-growing sneaker culture across the globe. Even though the storyline was not solid enough the series did better than it was expected and helped Netflix sell/renew a lot of subscriptions.

After the release of the first season, the fans were not satisfied with how the series ended, and the question started to arise whether we would be seeing a season 2 or not. Well, the answer is Yes. Netflix Sneakerheads is going to have a season 2 this year 2021 as per our sources.

Whether we would have Devin, Bobby, and Nori or not only time will tell, as the cast is not yet confirmed. Then how did our sources came to know about season 2? well good question. Even though the script and the rest of the star cast are yet in the shadows there is one cast as per our sources is confirmed to be a part of sneakerheads season 2. The cast is none other than famous sneaker collector “Mayor” (Mayor’s Instagram URL is HERE).

However we do not have any insights on Sneakerheads Season 2 release date yet, but the fact that we will be getting a season 2 is still a good news.

Whether season 2 will continue the story of Davin (Allen Maldonado) a former sneakerhead who turned stay home dad and his best friend Bobby (Andrew Bachelor) is still not clear but the fact the series featuring such actual OG sneakerheads like “Perfect pair” in season 1 and possibly “Mayor” in season 2 is a key to keep the viewer base intact and possibly growing.

Even though Netflix is yet to make an official announcement to confirm everything that we have covered, we still believe in our sources and hopefully the rumors about Mayor being part of the series is also going to be true.

Let us know in the comments below what do you think about the series and whether we will actually see Mayor in season 2 or not.

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