Nike Limited edition Gunmetal Dunks from Step-up 3D

Step up 3D is a movie about break dancing and based on the rivalry of two street dance crews. In the movie one of the crew leader “Luke” is a sneakerhead who had a crazy sneaker collection in the movie. Luke was wearing a “limited edition gunmetal Nike Dunk” which was also his lucky shoes which was spotted by a stranger named “Moose” who also was a break dancer and a sneakerhead. 
These Limited Edition Nike Gunmetal dunks featured a black and silver colorway with a green nike swoosh over a nike dunk high silhouette. The featured kicks had standard white rubber outsole. The sneakers which were featured in the movie was clearly an eye catcher and even though these shoes were extremely beaten up in the movie they still looked fire.
At the end of the movie Luke will be gifting the shoes to Moose who always wanted to have the shoes. After the launch of the movie many sneakerheads started looking for the shoe as the shoe from the movie looked fire, However there is no such shoe as Gunmetal Nike Dunk ever released by Nike. We guess the shoe was probably 1/1 or might be a custom Dunk which was used in the movie but nonetheless it sure increased the value of all Nike Dunks and hyped the Nike Dunks a lot.
Its easy to assume from the movie that the sneakers had a complete leather body and a fully reflective upper. After the release of the movie we have seen the bootleg industry making these dunks on bulk and calling them “Luke’s Lucky shoes” and these sneakers are all over the eBay as well as flooding the Asian markets.
Do you think Nike is going to release these dunks? let us know in the comments below if you think the Gunmetal Nike Dunks from Step up 3 was fire or not.

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