Popular eSports title League of Legends collabs with Nike and Jordan brand

When it comes to to eSports and multiplayer gaming League of Legends is a huge name in the scene. This MOBA game has taken the world by storm already and hosts one of the biggest eSports tournament every year known as  “The world’s”. This year League of Legends announced their Collab with Nike and Jordan brand to release some limited edition shoes among which the Jordan 1 is the most hyped one and a “Good Game” Nike Blazer is also expected to be part of the collab.
Jordan 1 being the most iconic silhouette from the brand this Collab is already hyped and the resell value of these sneakers is most certainly to skyrocket. We are seeing a lot of esports and sneaker collaborations these days , earlier this year we saw famous twitch.tv streamer and pro gamer “Ninja” receiving his signature sneakers from Adidas and now LoL eSports is also teaming up with Jordan Brand and set to release this hyped sneakers.
Rumor has that the rival gaming title of League of Legends which is known as “DoTA” which is released by Valve corporation has their collab planned with Puma and expected to be released somewhere in 2021 during their biggest yearly gaming tournament known as “The International” which has over 30 million USD as prize pool.
As eSports are becoming a widely recognized form of sport now, and gamers introducing a new culture and way of life across the globe its hard for the fashion and streetwear industries to ignore it. eSports athletes are not only just athletes anymore they are slowly becoming fashion icon and role model for many which is hard for these big brands to ignore.

The shoe made made of premium tumbled leather and expected to be extremely limited. Furthermore the below image shows the full reflective upper and an icy outsole which makes it the perfect target for any sneakerhead who are constantly in search of fresh kicks to flaunt.

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