Nike SB Dunk Hawaii, A Sneaker dedicated to Goddess Pele

Designed by James Arizumi, Nike Sb Dunk low Hawaii is one of the most sought after Nike dunks to ever release. James was always inspired by the goddess Pele and to pay his tribute in February 2006 he released the famous Hawaii dunks with Nike. Pele who is a Goddess of volcanoes has a massive influence on the Hawaiian culture for ages, and soon after the release, it received a lot of appreciation as well as criticism from the Hawaiian people.

Nike Sb dunk Hawaii

These dunks feature proper Hawaiian lava inspired colorways, and the black nubuck heel overlays certainly add up to the aesthetics of the shoe. At the side panel of the shoe, the Hawaiian island’s morphology is embroidered which shows how much effort the designer has put in to make this art piece together.

At the back of the shoe Hawaiian flag also has been embroidered and inside the sole, the face of Pele has been imprinted. bright red accents are located on the laces, while the classic mesh stuffed tongue is colored in red, the toe box is sun yellow-colored which gives these dunks a perfect color combination.

Along with the appreciation James has received a lot of criticism for these dunks. Many people did not like the fact that the insoles have the face of Goddess Pele imprinted on them as one has to step on the insoles. After the release even though the sneakers got instantly sold out there were many people posting pictures of the insoles being taken out before they have actually worn the shoes.

Currently these dunks are still one of the most controversial yet most sought after dunks to be ever released by Nike with a resell value of over 700$

Do you own a pair of the Hawaii dunks? if so what do you think about them? Do let us know in the comments below 🙂

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