Sneaker Review: Curry Flow 8 by under armour, how good are the new curry’s?

Stephen Curry has not only made his epic comeback after injury, but his own brand also was launched with the Curry Flow 8. Whether it is going to be as big as the Jordan brand or not only time will tell. I have had the opportunity to review the latest Curry Flow 8’s and here’s what we think about it.


Curry Flow 8 Traction – Pic owned by Under armour

Possibly the best thing about these basketball shoes is the traction. Initially, I was extremely skeptical about the fact that the outsole is not rubber but foam. The first question that came into my mind was how durable are they going to be? well after a couple of rounds of hooping in these, it’s safe to say that they are pretty solid and well build. And the stopping capabilities of the tractions are definitely one of the best I have ever tried if not the best.

Traction Rating : 4.5/5

Material Choice & Build Quality:

The Curry 8 Flows have a knit upper with good support around them to provide a good amount of stability. The feel of the material is a little different than any other knitted uppers I have seen so far, the upper can be cleaned pretty easily due to the type of knit they have used. The flow midsole feels too good and the shoe is very well cushioned so that you don’t feel the impact after landing from a jump.

Material Choice & Build Quality Rating: 4.3/5

Colorway & Overall Looks:

We understand that the Curry 8’s are made to play basketball and it’s not a lifestyle sneaker, but still, even on the court, it feels great to have attractive fresh kicks on. Considering the fact other performance shoes like Lebron 17/18 or Kyrie 7’s are trying to focus on this aspect along with the performance, I had to also consider it as a reviewing criterion. I personally feel that the Curry 8’s are lacking a little bit in these parameters, to be honest even though it’s undoubtedly the best sneaker of its line and possibly one of the best sneakers to hoop in. Currently, there are 4 colorways available for purchase and I feel Steph could go a little wild with the designs as the currently available options are a little bit conservative.

Colorway & Overall Looks: 3.7/5

Let us know below in the comment section what do you think about the new Curry as a brand and also about the Curry flow 8’s.

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