The Rarest Nike SB Dunk ! that never released

We all know Nike SB dunks are the most hyped kicks currently and it doesn’t matter how they look and what the material quality might be they will most certainly sell out.

Last year we had one of the most hyped Nike SB dunk Collab with Travis Scott and the low top dunks were so fire that they sold out instantly. However there is another Grail Nike SB Travis dunk that very few people knows about.

in 2018 Nike SB and Travis planned the Collab with a high top SB dunk, and as per the plan only one sample copy was created by Nike SB however the cactus jack refused to agree on the final design and we ended up receiving the low top Nike SB Travis dunks and the only unreleased pair of these high top cactus dunks are lost in the Abyss. 

The bootleg industry however had the design of the unreleased Nike high SB cactus dunks and they ended up making multiple copies of it but the real Nike SB High cactus dunks remains a Grail with an estimated value of 30,000$ or above.

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