Top 10 Sneakers of 2020 – The Best of 2020 sneaker release by SneakerMonk

This year despite the pandemic outbreak and amid all the horrible things that has happened across the globe, there were some silver linings for the sneakerheads who got a W on these sneakers which we believe to be the top 10 Sneakers release of 2020. The sneakers that we have listed in this article are in no particular order so there is no such the best release in our opinion. All of these sneakers we believe is an art piece and will stand through the test of time. This was an extremely hard list for us to make and we had to leave out few great releases as we can choose only 10.

Nike SB Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky:
You can’t go wrong with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream neither you can go wrong with these dunks. The design of these dunks are simply insane from real cow hair design to every pair being one of its kind these dunks are a must have if you collect dunks.
Nike SB x Grateful Dead:
Grateful dead being one of the most popular psychedelic rock band and the Nike SB dunks being the most hyped silhouette currently this was a match made up in heaven. These furry sneakers not only looks unique they are well designed and as well. The toung of the shoe has a secret pocket which is very unique and we don’t see often. These dunks were one of the easier choice for our top 10 sneaker release of 2020.
Air Jordan 1 CO.JP:
This retro of the extremely limited edition sneakers are not only premium they are good looking too. It’s generally hard to mess up an iconic air jordan 1 silhouette but this particular shoe not only dared to change the signature touch of the shoe they executed it perfectly. The standard nylon toung of AJ1 is changed with a leather toung and the leather used on the shoe feels extremely premium. These retros are a must have if in this year’s top 10 release.
Nike SB x Civilist Dunks:
First of its kind the Nike SB Civilist Dunks introduced the concept of heat activated design on Sneakers. After the leak the sneaker was hyped up instantly and becomes one of the most awaited dunk of the year. The heatmap design is unique for every sneaker and the dunk changes its colour back to black when it’s back to a cold environment or during night away from the sun. One of its kind the Civilist Dunks are a must include for this year’s top 10 list.
Adidas x Pharrell Williams NMD:
With the combination of ultra boosts comfort and the insane colourway the Pharrell Williams signature shoes becomes another obvious choice for our top 10 list. The material quality is excellent and the sneakers looks extremely well designed and premium.

Nike Kobe 5 Protro Lakers:
Released during the Mamba week these Kobe kicks are a must include for this year’s top 10 Sneakers release. This Lakers colourway is not only fire but upheld Kobe’s legacy to the point.

Air Max 90 x Denham:
Air Max 90 will always remain a classic silhouette and when you touch it with the most iconic colour Infrared you know you have a masterpiece. This sneaker probably was less hyped and didn’t receive much highlights which was actually good for the OG sneakerheads as they would not like to take a “L” on these. Air Max 90 x Denham was an obvious choice for our top 10 list of 2020.

Air Jordan 1 Bio Hack:
This sneaker has the most unique and loud colourway on an air jordan 1 silhouette and somehow it works out perfectly, making it a must include choice for our top 10 list.

Yeezy 350 V2 Carbon:
Despite all the controversy around the past name of the shoe we feel Yeezy 350 Carbon is a neat looking shoe and probably the best 350 colourway of this year.
Union LA x Air Jordan 4 Guava Ice:
Union collabs are generally hyped from the announcement. But this was not the case with this shoe, with the toung being folded many people criticised the shoe badly and initially the sneakers received a lot of hate. But after the release when we got to know we can unfold the toung and the build quality of the shoe is extremely premium these sneakers became overhyped and people ended up simply loving the Guava Ice colourway. I personally own a pair of these and I can confirm these are simply fire, from the box to the shoes you can’t go wrong with these. Which makes these sneakers an obvious choice for our top 10 list as well.
Let us know what do you think about about top 10 best sneaker release for 2020 , also do comment below which sneaker you think deserve to be a part of the list which we have left out or which sneaker you believe we have hyped but does not deserve to be in the top 10 list. 

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